Harlow (blushingivory) wrote in w_juliet2,

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2 things to talk about and a promise!

Hey! Ok, I need to know, does anyone remember from the community before (W Juliet "1", I guess you would say) who made this icon? ^_^* It was in my newbie days (heck, I'm still in my newbie days) so I didn't give the person credit. I REALLY, REALLY want to now, though, considering the general lack of icons in this community...

As an apology, I will make some (icons, that is)!! ^__^* Heehee, I don't have a photoshop, so they will look like crud, but that is the only thing I can think of to apologize for my terrible memory, even though I don't think anyone will be upset. (Please don't be upset?)

Oh, and also, is it true that the 14th book is the last book?!?!?! That is what it said in the 13th!!
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